Friday, February 28, 2014

New Law in Georgia to Combat Slow Driving in the Left Lane

The state of Georgia will soon have some new laws to combat those left lane loungers.  Just a quick look at the comment section of this article and it will be apparent just how pervasive a problem this is and how unaware most American drivers are.  Many of the commentators are offended that they do not have the right to sit in the left lane doing the speed limit.  These drivers feel that if their speedometer indicates they are driving at or below the speed limit, they can hang out in the left lane.  There isn't even a thought that their speedometer may not be 100 percent accurate due to mechanical issues, tire size or tire wear, or that the other vehicles on the road may be faced with an emergency.  It doesn't matter what your opinion is of those that travel or appear to be traveling above the posted speed limit is because it is not your job to use your vehicle to enforce traffic regulations.
  The biggest risk these left lane loungers present is the unsafe conditions created by other vehicles attempting to navigate around their road block.  They force vehicles to overtake on the right side of the road, make multiple lane changes and also back up traffic for miles.  Because these other drivers behind them have to apply their brakes to slow down, they create an accordion effect of increased braking by subsequent drivers.  When you see a large line of cars and brake lights, the standard and safe reaction is to apply your brakes, further adding to the traffic and creating a dangerous condition. There is a huge risk that the large trucks and heavy vehicles on the road, unable to brake as quickly, will rear end those vehicles stopping for the left lane loungers.
   It's unfortunate that the government needs to get involved with creating more laws and penalties just to elicit safe and courteous driving etiquette.   American drivers need more training in the rules of the road and probably a better license testing process.