Saturday, March 8, 2014

Double Parker Revenge AKA Stay Between the Lines

As a car fanatic, I am always searching for the perfect parking spot.  You know the one, at the end of the row, away from the cart return and other cars, slighting wider than the rest because one side is against the grass or planter.  And of course uphill so as to prevent the chance of any stray shopping cart from rolling into the car.
  But I always park in one spot and only one spot.  If the spot is against the grass or a striped no parking area, I will definitely ride the line on that side because it offers some extra protection without infringing on any other spots.  That's probably one of the fastest ways to upset other drivers and incite anger against your car.  Just don't park across multiple spots, even at the very end of the lot where no one else is parked.  You never know what could happen...