Friday, December 27, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 update

Gran Turismo 6 was released for the Playstation 3 on 6 December 2013.  Unfortunately, I pre-ordered it and had to wait a few more days after the release date for it to arrive.  Normally a few extra days of waiting wouldn't be bad, but I was really looking forward to this release and knew I would be away from home for most of Dec, further limiting the time I would have to play.
  I've been playing for a few weeks now and am still impressed with the game.  There were initial some grumblings about the lack of prize cars and limited about of money received from each race.  The money issue was solved with the most recent update (1.02).  Included in this update was the Red Bull X Challenge and the consecutive Login Bonus.  By just logging in online, you receive 110% credits on the first day and up to 200% for the fifth day.  I currently have 6,979,937 credits because of this 200% bonus on credits earned.  The biggest credits come from the Seasonal Events, but you only receive the credits once for each level (bronze, silver and gold).  So you receive no credits for the twenty times it takes to get your time down from silver to gold.
  I still have a ways to go and many more stars to collect but am making steady progress and looking forward to the next round of seasonally events.